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I suppose you’ve been taking lessons all the time?


That’s right.


How many have you had?


Over two hundred and seventy. It’s cost me about two thousand pounds already. I’m taking the test again next week.


I hear you are saving up to buy your own car now. How long have you been saving?


Since 1982


And how much have you saved?


Over 4 000 pounds, and that’s enough to buy a nice little second-hand car.


Well, all the very best with your next test.


Thank you.

После предъявления диалога, задаётся серия вопросов, уточняющих как форму, так и функции предъявляемого грамматического явления:

Underline with a solid line the examples of the Present Perfect. Underline with a broken line _ _ _ _ _ the examples of the Present Perfect Continuous.

Why does the interviewer ask : How long have you been saving?

but How much have you saved?

Далее предлагается следующее тренировочное упражнение, направленное на закрепление операции оформления грамматического навыка:

Betty Tudor doesn’t use full sentences when answering the interviewer’s questions which begin How….? Complete her sentences like this: I have been trying to pass my driving test for seventeen years.

Далее следует серия тренировочных упражнений на закрепление как формы, так и функции:

Ex.1 Look at this dialogue and answer the questions below:

Albert: I’ve been reading the current issue of Plant News and so far I can’t see any mention of my research.

Bert: Well, I’ve read your journal. And I see that you’ve been working on the same problem I‘ve been working on for the last twenty years!

7) When did Albert start reading Plant News?

8) Did Albert finish reading all of Plant news?

9) Did Bert finish reading all of the journal?

10) When did their research begin?

11) Is their research continuing?

12) Is their research complete?


Tell your partner about the following:

a. a sport or activity you’ve been doing a lot of recently

b. a sport you haven’t done for a long time

c. a book you have been reading

d. a country you’ve always wanted to visit

Далее следует серия ситуативных упражнений типа:

Ex. Make up interviews with these two people about their life-long passion, using the information below.

Gina Mellish

Opera singer

Married three times

Works with NY Opera Company

Henry Blofeld

Stamp collector

Collected over 20 000 stamps

Works for philatelist publisher

Has the world famous Penny Blue

Ask questions beginning with “ How long….?”, “ How many…?”


In pairs, imagine that one of you is a chef of a computer firm , you are going to interview a person, who is eager to work for you. Try to find out as much information about this person ( biography, experience etc.) as possible.

Таким образом, в течение первого урока происходит предъявление грамматической темы и первичная автоматизация грамматического явления, в ходе которой важное место занимает функция грамматических явлений, возможности их функционирования речи и использования данных грамматических явлений при решении коммуникативных задач на ИЯ.

В конце урока учащимся предлагается прослушать текст:

Ex. Lori has written a letter to Glenn from Long Island in the USA and spoken it onto a cassette. Listen o her letter-cassette and say:

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