Урок – праздник "William Shakespeare".

Задачи урока:

1) познавательная: знакомство учащихся с творчеством писателей страны изучаемого языка;

2) развивающая: развитие навыков актерского мастерства;

3) воспитательная: воспитание художественного вкуса у учащихся; воспитание межличностных отношений.

Ход урока:

Teacher: Good morning, dear friends! Today we are going to speak about the greatest English writer W. Shakespeare. Everyone, I think, has a favourite Shakespeare play in his memory: Othello, King, Lear, Romeo and Juliet. We don`t know a lot about Shakespeare`s biography, but today we are going to imagine some moments from his life. (Танцуют девушки. Молодой Шекспир подходит к одной из них). Keto Matcha Italia bulletproof Keto Matcha.

William: Excuse me, young lady! I don`t know your name. You danced so gracefully. You look like a tender flower!

Anna: Oh, no, sir. Please, don`t joke. I can`t talk to you.

William: Don`t be shy. What`s your name?

Anna: My name is Anna, Anna Hathaway.

William: Your name is so sweet, so lovely. And I am William Shakespeare.

Anna: Ive heard that surname. Your father is a famous glovermaker, isn`t he?

William: You are right. And what about your family?

Anna: My parents are only farmers.

William: But my mother is a farmer`s daughter.

Anna: I`m sorry, but I must go. My father is very punctual. Good bye!

William: Good bye, my rose, I expect to meet you again.

Pupil 1: William married Anna in November, 1582, and she came to live in Henley street. William`s father was pleased that his eldest son got married; but William`s mother didn`t want him to marry so young: Will was only 18. The first daughter – Susannah – was born the next year. And in 1585 the twins – Hamnet and Judith – were born.

William: Twins! A girl and a boy! Anna, I`m pleased.

Anna: Quiet, Willy ! You`ll frighten them.

(Стук в дверь).

William: Who`s that, I wonder?

Anna: That`s one of your wild friends, I think.

William: I`ll open the door.

Toby: Good morning, Anna. How are you?

William: We are happy. It`s two of them. Twins! A girl and a boy. We call them Hamnet and Judith.

Toby: Are you really happy?

William: Yes and no. Stratford is too small, too quiet, too boring. I`ve got to leave it.

Toby: But how? You`ve got a family.

Pupil 1: In the summer months, companies of actors came to Stratford. William liked to talk to the actors and to listen to all the stories of London.

Pupil 2: But William didn`t like those plays. He said they were stupid plays, with not a word of truth in them. He wanted to write his own plays.

William: Anna, listen to me. I`m going to leave for London. I want to be actor, and to write plays.

Anna: Plays! Acting! Actors are dirty, wicked people. They never go to church.

William: Don`t be stupid. You know that`s not true.

Anna: How can you tell this to me? And what about the children?

William: I`ll come home, when I can, but I must go to London. I can`t do anything in Stratford.

Pupil 1: In 1587 Shakespeare went to work in London leaving Anne and the children at home.

Pupil 2: In London Shakespeare began to write plays and soon became an important member of a well-known acting company.

His life was very hard; but he was young, talented, romantic.

Pupil 3: The first tragedy that brought great popularity to Shakespeare was Romeo and Juliet. This tragedy was the first play that reflected the real feelings of love.

Pupil 4: The last part of our lesson is devoted to Shakespeare`s sonnets. Today we`d like to read and discuss only one sonnet, number 130.

Teacher: William Shakespeare describes his beloved woman in this sonnet. She is not beautiful. Can you imagine this woman?

She was not perfect and beautiful, but Shakespeare loved her. He compared her with a godness. What do you think? Why did he love her?

Shakespeare`s love was love to an ordinary woman.

Teacher: Dear friends! It was a very interesting lesson and I hope you`ll remember it for long time.