Урок – спектакль по сказке О. Уайльда "Счастливый принц".

Swallow: Tonight I`ll go to Egypt. And I don`t think I like boys. They throw stones at birds. But you look so sad. I will be your messenger for this night. See you.

Ласточка выклевала большой рубин из шпаги Принца и полетела к убогому дому, влетела в каморку и положила рубин на стол.

Mother: Thank God! Thank God!

Part 3

Когда взошла луна, Ласточка вернулась к Принцу.

Swallow: I come to bid you good-bye. It`s winter, I must go to Egypt. Have you any commissions for Egypt? I am just starting.

Prince: Swallow, little Swallow, won`t you stay with me for one more night and be my messenger? There is a talented but poor poet in a small house.

На сцену выходит поэт.

Poet: Oh! What should I do? I will not finish my play by tomorrow and I will not get the money. It`s too cold to write any more. Hunger makes me faint, the light of the candle is fading away. Why must everything depend on money? Love, happiness, talent and even life . What should I do?

Prince: Swallow, won`t you stay me for one more night more.

Swallow: Don`t weep, dear Prince. I will stay with you for one night more.

Prince: Oh! Thank you! My eyes are all that I have left. They are made of sapphire. Pluck out my sapphire eye and take it to him.

Swallow: See you.

Ласточка полетела к жилищу поэта и положила сапфир ему на стол.

Poet: Thank God! Thank God!

Part 4

Ласточка вновь вернулась к Принцу.

Swallow: I came to bid you good-bye.

Prince: Swallow, little Swallow, won`t you stay with me for one night more?

Swallow: It is winter, and the snow will soon be here. I am waited for in Egypt. Dear Prince, I must leave you, but I will never forget you.

Prince: In the square below there stands a little match- girl. She has let her match fall in the gutter, and they are all spoiled. Her father will beat her if she does not bring home some money and she is crying. Pluck out my other eye and give it to her.

Swallow: I will stay with you one night longer, but I cannot pluck out your eye. You would be quite blind then.

Prince: Swallow, little Swallow, do as I command you.

Ласточка полетела к девочке и положила сапфир в ее руку.

Little girl: What a lovely bit of glass! Thank God!

Девочка, смеясь, побежала домой. Ласточка возвратилась к Принцу.

Swallow: You are blind now. So I will stay with you always.

Prince: No, little Swallow, you must go away to Egypt.

Swallow: I will stay with you always.

Prince: Dear little Swallow, fly over my city and tell me what you see there.

Part 5

Ласточка пролетела над городом и вернулась к Принцу.

Swallow: I saw the rich making merry in their beautiful houses. The beggars were sitting at the gates. I saw the white faces of starving children. Hear! Hear! A lot of poor people pray to survive and earn their living. Hear! Hear!

Бедные люди вместе с детьми выходят на сцены и начинают молиться.

I lay me down to sleep,

I ask Good God my soul to keep,

And if I die before I wake,

I ask Good God my soul to take.

Prince: Swallow, little Swallow, I`m covered with gold. Take it and give it to the poor.

Ласточка снимала со статуи золото и раздавала его бедным людям с детьми.

People: We have bread now! Thank God!

Выпал снег, за снегом пришел мороз. Ласточка мерзла, но не хотела покинуть Принца, так как очень любила его. Только и хватило сил у ласточки взобраться на плечо Принцу.

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