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Совершенствование навыков употребления простого будущего времени в утвердительных и отрицательных предложениях.

Формулировка цели для учащихся: It’s natural to wonder what our future will be like. Some things are hard to guess, others are very easy to foresee. Today you will learn to express your ideas about the future and to show, how one event can lead to another.

1. Listen to some ideas expressed by futurologist. Raise your red cards if the idea seems optimistic and your blue cards if the idea is pessimistic.

We shall all live in skyscrapers. There won’t be any cars in the streets. We shall use helicopters instead of cars. We shan’t have to walk much. We shall be able to control the weather.

Первое задание сводится лишь к восприятию отдельных предложений на слух, но каждое предложение должно быть взвешено и оценено слушающими в зависимости от их собственного мнения.

2. Read, look up and say.

It is `natural to be `interested in the future. We may `have to `face a `lot of im`portant problems.

Второе задание носит формальный характер, но подготавливает условия для коммуникативных заданий, поскольку предложения для обработки произношения и ритма расположены не только по нарастанию фонетических трудностей, но и в логической последовательности, образуя связное высказывания.

3. Now look throught the list of the ideas you have just heard (task 1) and join some of them using “and”, ‘but”, “besides” or “because”.E.g.:

People will live much longer because many dangerous diseases will disappear,and, no one will die from hunger.

4. Enumerate the real danger that people will have to face in the centuries to come. Begin with the most obvious one.

The worst danger is that there will to be many people in the cities. Besides,we may have to cut down all our forests.

В третьем и четвёртом задании учащиеся жёстко ограничены в употреблении грамматических структур, но могут свободно выбирать и комбинировать готовые блоки.

5. Read the text. It’s not complete. But you are given several versions of the final sentences. Choose one of them and supply the missing sentences to express your own viewpoint.

People talk much of ecological problems. They say it will soon be difficult to breathe without a gas mask on. Many people are afraid that soon there will be no more fish in the rivers. Scientists warn us about the green house effect. It means that the temperature will keep rising and the polar ice will start melting . (to close down plants and factories; changes in nature, .)

6. It’s difficult to foresee the future. We can only suppose that something may happen. So try to give several hypotheses about the things that will or may happen if

: .dangerous diseases disappear;

.the polar ice melt;

.we leave all our problems to computers.

E.g.: If dangerous diseases disappear, people will live much longer.

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